Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is Wind Power

Wind power can be obtained by the conversion of renewable wind energy by using wind turbines. Wind renewable power maybe considered to be a form of solar energy because wind comes from the sun. The heat from the sun heats the earth’s surface that makes the surface warm during daylight and cool during the night. The air above the warm or cool earth surface also warms up or cools at different rates. Hot air being lighter rises and the cool air takes its place. This air movement is called wind.

Wind renewable power is a versatile alternative power resource. The blowing wind possesses kinetic energy which can be trapped by proper technology and equipment and can then be converted to electrical or mechanical power that is called wind power.

Wind power is both a clean and renewable energy source. It is generated from an ever lasting, inexhaustible and renewable energy source, the wind. Wind renewable power does not contribute to pollution and therefore does not affect the environment adversely.

A problem in the generation of wind power is that large areas of land are required to install wind farms. This wastes a lot of usable land that could have been used for other purposes.

The rising prices and limited supplies of oil, natural gas and coal have resulted in the manifold increase in the use of wind renewable power as it is the only cost effective alternative energy source that is available and can meet the growing energy needs of the world.

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