Monday, May 18, 2009

Breakthrough in wind power technology

Wind power is generated from a renewable energy source called wind energy. Wind turbines are the machines that capture renewable wind energy to generate wind renewable power. The wind turbines provide electricity that can be used for many purposes. If the winds that blow are strong, the amount of electricity generated is more. But a high wind speed may spin the turbine too fast and cause damage to the wind turbine. Strong blowing winds may rip off the blades of the turbine. Excessive heat can also damage the alternator. Even the turbine tower gets affected by strong winds adversely.

To prevent the turbines from malfunctioning, a breakthrough has been made in wind renewable power generation technology. Furling, a mechanical break through system has been developed to reduce the damage that strong winds do to the turbines. The blades are turned away from the direction of the wind to prevent the wind turbine from rotating too quickly. This mechanical system acts by decreasing the angle of attack. This system can operate either manual or automatic and in both cases, the turbine blade edges are turned away when the wind is too strong.

A microprocessor can also be used in wind turbines to reduce the damage. The speed and power of the wind turbine rotors are controlled by the microprocessor when the wind is too strong.

Wind renewable power is a cost effective and a renewable energy source that can be used to meet the rising energy demands of the nations of the world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is Wind Power

Wind power can be obtained by the conversion of renewable wind energy by using wind turbines. Wind renewable power maybe considered to be a form of solar energy because wind comes from the sun. The heat from the sun heats the earth’s surface that makes the surface warm during daylight and cool during the night. The air above the warm or cool earth surface also warms up or cools at different rates. Hot air being lighter rises and the cool air takes its place. This air movement is called wind.

Wind renewable power is a versatile alternative power resource. The blowing wind possesses kinetic energy which can be trapped by proper technology and equipment and can then be converted to electrical or mechanical power that is called wind power.

Wind power is both a clean and renewable energy source. It is generated from an ever lasting, inexhaustible and renewable energy source, the wind. Wind renewable power does not contribute to pollution and therefore does not affect the environment adversely.

A problem in the generation of wind power is that large areas of land are required to install wind farms. This wastes a lot of usable land that could have been used for other purposes.

The rising prices and limited supplies of oil, natural gas and coal have resulted in the manifold increase in the use of wind renewable power as it is the only cost effective alternative energy source that is available and can meet the growing energy needs of the world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Using wind power for homes

Renewable wind energy can be used to generate electricity that can be used for several purposes. Wind renewable power can be used commercially as well as domestically for many applications. Wind power home is an application where wind power can be used to easily meet the needs of a small home. Wind generator is equipment used to generate wind renewable power for home.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration before a wind power home generator can be purchased. Wind generators must be tall so that they can capture the maximum renewable wind energy and thereby generate maximum wind power. But the restrictions on the height of the wind generators must be checked before a wind generator can be installed. Wind generators work effectively only when enough wind is available. Areas with insufficient quantities of wind cannot make proper use of wind generators to generate wind renewable power. Since wind generators are installed at heights, they can harm birds by either injuring them or killing them. So, care must be taken that no harm is done to the wildlife when wind generators are used. These generators also cause noise pollution and so must be installed so as to minimize the effect of noise pollution. The wind generators are generally very small units that require less space for installation. But because they are very tall units, the amount of wiring required is a lot and occupies a lot of space.

Wind power home generators can generate free electricity for homes. They can provide clean and reliable power that can be used for many purposes in homes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind energy is an alternative source of energy used today. Wind energy can be converted to other useful forms of energy like electricity. This converted wind energy is called wind power. The conversion takes place by using wind turbines.

There are several advantages of wind power. Wind power is environment friendly as there is no emission of fuels from burning of fossil fuels. Wind power is ample. It is a renewable energy source. Wind turbines take less land area than other types of power stations. Wind power is cost effective. Wind power helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. It is a permanent form of energy. Wind is readily available everywhere and so wind power can be harnessed at any place in the world.

The disadvantages of wind power are also several. Wind turbines may create noise pollution. Wind is unpredictable and therefore areas in which the amount of wind power required is more, wind cannot be depended upon. It cannot be dispatched. The electricity generated by wind turbines is less compared to other power stations. The construction of wind turbine can be costly. The amount of wind power produced by wind turbines is not constant at all times because the strength of wind varies.

Wind power can be used efficiently in remote areas where the electricity needs are limited and can be easily met by wind power. Wind power can be used to light an entire remote area in a cost effective manner.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Working of wind power systems

Wind is always blowing on the surface of the earth. This makes wind an inexhaustible and clean source of energy generation. Wind can be harnessed by wind turbines to generate wind power. Wind power systems consist of a wind turbine, a tower, wires and connectors and inverters or batteries.

Wind turbines consist of a rotor, a generator and a tail. The rotor has two or three blades that move after gaining kinetic energy from the wind. The rotating blades turn on a generator which converts the wind energy to electrical energy. The tail of wind power systems keeps the turbine facing the wind for capturing the maximum wind energy and generating the maximum amount of electricity possible. Generally, the wind turbines are installed at heights so that a large amount of wind is available at great speed thereby producing massive amounts of electricity.

The towers used in wind power systems are free standing and guyed towers. Guyed towers are the least expensive ones available. They have a simple and inexpensive framework of metal strips supported by guy cables and earth anchors. They are easy to repair and maintain. They are also not affected by weather conditions. Free standing towers or stand alone systems use batteries to store excess wind power generated. A charge controller is also required to prevent the batteries from either over charging or under charging.

Wind power systems are connected to grid connected systems so that electricity produced can be put to several uses at domestic and commercial sites.