Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind energy is an alternative source of energy used today. Wind energy can be converted to other useful forms of energy like electricity. This converted wind energy is called wind power. The conversion takes place by using wind turbines.

There are several advantages of wind power. Wind power is environment friendly as there is no emission of fuels from burning of fossil fuels. Wind power is ample. It is a renewable energy source. Wind turbines take less land area than other types of power stations. Wind power is cost effective. Wind power helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. It is a permanent form of energy. Wind is readily available everywhere and so wind power can be harnessed at any place in the world.

The disadvantages of wind power are also several. Wind turbines may create noise pollution. Wind is unpredictable and therefore areas in which the amount of wind power required is more, wind cannot be depended upon. It cannot be dispatched. The electricity generated by wind turbines is less compared to other power stations. The construction of wind turbine can be costly. The amount of wind power produced by wind turbines is not constant at all times because the strength of wind varies.

Wind power can be used efficiently in remote areas where the electricity needs are limited and can be easily met by wind power. Wind power can be used to light an entire remote area in a cost effective manner.

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