Monday, May 18, 2009

Breakthrough in wind power technology

Wind power is generated from a renewable energy source called wind energy. Wind turbines are the machines that capture renewable wind energy to generate wind renewable power. The wind turbines provide electricity that can be used for many purposes. If the winds that blow are strong, the amount of electricity generated is more. But a high wind speed may spin the turbine too fast and cause damage to the wind turbine. Strong blowing winds may rip off the blades of the turbine. Excessive heat can also damage the alternator. Even the turbine tower gets affected by strong winds adversely.

To prevent the turbines from malfunctioning, a breakthrough has been made in wind renewable power generation technology. Furling, a mechanical break through system has been developed to reduce the damage that strong winds do to the turbines. The blades are turned away from the direction of the wind to prevent the wind turbine from rotating too quickly. This mechanical system acts by decreasing the angle of attack. This system can operate either manual or automatic and in both cases, the turbine blade edges are turned away when the wind is too strong.

A microprocessor can also be used in wind turbines to reduce the damage. The speed and power of the wind turbine rotors are controlled by the microprocessor when the wind is too strong.

Wind renewable power is a cost effective and a renewable energy source that can be used to meet the rising energy demands of the nations of the world.

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