Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vertical wind power generators

Wind power generators are devices that can produce electricity from the energy possessed by the wind. There are many types of wind power generators used out of which the vertical wind power generators are the most common ones.

Vertical wind power generators are wind machines that can be attached to flat roofs or can be made to stand on a platform for the generation of electricity in both rural and urban areas.

All vertical wind power generators are designed to incorporate a turbine which has two or three blades. Vertical wind power generators are generally installed at heights so that they can capture large amounts of wind energy easily. The wind rotates the blades of the turbine. This movement in effect turns on an electric generator that converts the wind energy into electricity. The electricity so produced is supplied to grid connected systems from which the electricity gets supplied to consumers. The wind power in the form of electricity can be put to various uses.

Vertical wind power generators are the least expensive ones. They can be easily installed and transported. These can also be installed at lower heights and work efficiently. These generators do not cause any pollution and also do not degrade the environment. They do not emit any harmful particles into the atmosphere and thus ensure a healthy atmosphere. Vertical wind power generators also reduce global warming.

Vertical wind power generators have a few disadvantages as well. They operate at a slow speed and are less efficient. Also the amount of electricity generated is less as compared to other wind power generators.

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